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Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper," is a feminist story about mental health and contemporary social expectation for women. At the time of it's writing women were often ostracized and silenced when they were in need of community and to be heard. The story highlights the oppressive nature of gender roles and the expectations of women deemed unable to know how to care for themselves. In The Yellow Wallpaper, the protagonist's husband locks her away in her room for what he feels is best for her, controlling her care and denying her autonomy. Sadly the protagonist falls deeper into her illness and in the end succumbs to her insanity.

So why name my business after a story like this?

Because mental health stigmatization, power dynamics in relationships, racial discrimination and inequality, and abuse towards non-cis & non-binary people is still very prevalent in our culture. People are silenced or shamed when sexual violence happens to them. Folx still face stigma, patronization and violence for simply being who they are. People in authority tell others how they should 'be well' and demand adherence or else label them as "non compliant".

It can be hard to open up, to believe that someone wants to listen to you and to witness your pain. 

I would like to be a safe space to be able to change that for you! I believe that YOU are the best expert on you, and I am here to walk with you in your journey through mental health. I will show you some danger zones, some safe spaces, and I will believe you!

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