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First We Have Hope - Then We Have Each Other

Hi, i'm Elizabeth, and i'm glad you're here.

At Yellow Wallpaper Therapy, I've taken my 18 years of experience and created a safe space for mental health therapy for neurodivergent adults, the LGBTQ+ community, and folx with trauma. With a focus on PTSD, trauma, ASD, BPD, and depression my single-therapist practice provides personalized, compassionate care. Plus, I add a touch of fun and offer unique services like Reiki and EcoTherapy. 

We're not just a therapy practice, we're a sanctuary for self-discovery and healing.

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Who Are You?

My clients have identified themselves as: Perfectionist, Neurodivergent, Autistic, Abuse Survivor, Creative, Gifted and Talented, Anxious Mess, Nature Lover, Addict, Science Nerd, Struggling to see my value, Free Spirit, Book Worm and "I'm just me".

I Support and Uphold: LGBTQAI+ Community, Open / Poly / Non monogamous relationships, Black, Indigenous & People of Color.

I believe that YOU are the best expert of you!

 At Yellow Wallpaper, I envision a therapeutic space to empower you to embrace personal transformation and healing through a harmonious connection with nature, fostering autonomy, and initiating long-term, positive change. My commitment lies in providing a safe and supportive space for therapy, free from judgment.


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