About Me

Butterfly Babe, Bug Girl, and Dirt Dame all wrapped into one awesome healing helper!

I am both a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) & a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)

In my spare time I enjoy indulging in creating art and being in the artistic community, spending time with my adult children and our cats, volunteering with Pride and GPS, and in the summertime I raise honeybees and native butterflies for wild release.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth

 At Yellow Wallpaper, I envision a therapeutic space to empower individuals to embrace personal transformation and healing through a harmonious connection with nature, fostering autonomy, and initiating long-term, positive change. My commitment lies in providing a safe and supportive space for therapy, free from judgment, where individuals can embark on their unique journey towards well-being and self-discovery. 

My Vision

My practice is dedicated to:

  • Sanctuary: Providing a safe haven, a place where vulnerability is met with compassion and where individuals can freely explore their inner worlds without fear of judgment.

  • Transparency: Fostering an environment where openness and honesty lay the foundation for trust and growth. Communication is active, non-judgmental and understood to be coming from a place of Best Intentions.

  • Humor and authenticity: We recognizing that laughter and genuine connection play a vital role in the healing journey. By weaving these elements into our practice, we create a space that feels welcoming, warm, and filled with understanding.

  • Privacy: The highest amount of care will be taken when handling confidential information, keeping electronic records, and following established HIPAA privacy policies.

  • Professionalism: I commit to working in my scope of practice, providing open communication, and being practical and realistic to provide solutions and remedies that drive towards achievable goals. 

My Dedication To You

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